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Planned activities - tasks
Tasks are planned activities. These activities are scheduled or initiated manually. Tasks generate event messages that indicate any issues associated with the task. There are two kinds of tasks:
  • An unscheduled task, which can result from performing an operation that might take a while, like adding a host.
  • A scheduled task, which you set up to trigger at a different time.

Log Type: VMware Infrastructure Events
 Uniquely Identified By:
Log Name: VMware vCenter and ESX(i) events
Filtering Field Equals to Value
EventId 2
Field Matching
FieldDescriptionSample Value
TimeQueued The time when the task was created. 10.10.2000 19:00:00
UserName The name of user who caused the event. Alebovsky
UserDomain The domain of user who caused the event. RESEARCH
Host The Host object (that collector being connected to)
EventID 1 - Event, 2 - TaskInfo 2
LogName The name of the event log. VMware vCenter and ESX(i) events
Key The unique key for the task. 100
ChainId The parent or group ID. 100
Event Type The type of event. TaskInfo
DescriptionId An identifier for this operation. This includes publicly visible internal tasks and is a lookup in the TaskDescription methodInfo data object. Folder.destroy
TimeStart The time when the task started running. 10.10.2000 19:00:00
TimeComplete The time when the task was completed (whether success or failure). 10.10.2000 19:00:00
Reason Kind of entity responsible for creating this task.
EntityName The name of the managed entity, locale-specific, retained for the history collector database. host
Error Localizated Message The localized message that would be sent in the faultstring element of the SOAP Fault. It is optional so that clients are not required to send a localized message to the server, but servers are required to send the localized message to clients. The Name "New Alarm" already exists
Result If the task state is "success", then this property may be used to hold a return value.
Progress If the task state is "running", then this property contains a progress measurement, expressed as percentage completed, from 0 to 100.
Name (action name) The name of the operation that created the task. This is not set for internal tasks. CreateAlarm
Locked If the state of the task is "running", then this property is a list of managed entities that the operation has locked, with a shared lock.
ChangeTag The user entered tag to identify the operations and their side effects.
Description The description field of the task describes the current phase of operation of the task. For a task that does a single monolithic activity, this will be fixed and unchanging. For tasks that have various substeps, this field will change as the task progresses from one phase to another.
ParentTaskKey Tasks can be cretaed by another task. This shows key of the task spun off this task. This is to track causality between tasks.
RootTaskKey Tasks can be cretaed by another task and such creation can go on for multiple levels. This is the key of the task that started the chain of tasks.
State Runtime status of the task. 2
Cancelled Flag to indicate whether or not the client requested cancellation of the task. false
Cancelable Flag to indicate whether or not the cancel task operation is supported. false
HostType The type of the host. VMware ESXi