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Operating System->VMware Infrastructure->Event

The events that occur in the VirtualCenter environment.

Log Type: VMware Infrastructure Events
 Uniquely Identified By:
Log Name: VMware vCenter and ESX(i) events
Filtering Field Equals to Value
EventId 1
Field Matching
FieldDescriptionSample Value
CreatedTime The time the event was created. 10.10.2000 19:00:00
UserName The name of user who caused the event. Alebovsky
UserDomain The domain of user who caused the event. RESEARCH
Host The Host object (that collector being connected to)
EventID 1 - Event, 2 - TaskInfo 1
LogName The name of the event log. VMware vCenter and ESX(i) events
Key The event ID. 100
ChainId The parent or group ID. 100
Event Type The type of event. UserLogoutSessionEvent
Datacenter Name The name of Datacenter object. Test DataCenter
Dvs name The name of distributed virtual switch object.
Description The entire unparsed event message. vCenter started
ChangeTag The user entered tag to identify the operations and their side effects.
Net The Network object.
HostType The type of the host. VMware ESXi