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Operating System->InTrust Superior logon/logoff events
InTrust Superior logon/logoff events
Events generated by the Quest InTrust User Session Monitor service, extend the auditing of logon activity on any Windows computer where an InTrust agent is installed. Provide following details:
  • When and how long the computer was actually in use between logon and logoff
  • What caused periods of inactivity between logon and logoff (user switching, screensaver, computer lock)
  • Concurrent user activity on the computer
Field Matching
FieldDescriptionSample Value
DateTime Date/Time of event origination in GMT format.
Source Name of an Application or System Service originating the event.
Type Warning, Information, Error, Success, Failure, etc.
User Domain\Account name of user/service/computer initiating event.
Computer Name of server workstation where event was logged.
EventID Numerical ID of event. Unique within one Event Source.
Description The entire unparsed event message.
Log Name The name of the event log (e.g. Application, Security, System, etc.)
User Name User name.
Domain Name Domain name.