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User activity
Events reflecting end-user activity in TPAM.

Feb 25 18:59:56 PAR[5376]: UserName: tpamsm Operation: Retrieve Password ObjectType: Password Target: dimalinux/yksm Role: Requestor Failed? 0
Log Type: Generic Syslog
 Uniquely Identified By:
OS Type: Any
Filtering RegExp:
Field Matching
FieldDescriptionSample Value
DateTime Date/Time of event origination in GMT format.
Source Name of system type origination the event. TPAMCONSOLE
Computer Name / IP address of the host that originally generated the message.
Description The entire unparsed event message.
UserName TPAM user account initiating event.
Operation Type of action.
ObjectType Type of the object on which action is taken.
Target Name of the object on which action is taken.
Role Permission type
Failed Result of execution (0 - true, 1 - false)