Event Details
User Activity->Permission Changes->VMware Permission Changes->Permission Added
Permission Added
Permission created for Administrator on test Win2008, role is Administrator, propagation is Enabled

	CreatedTime :	05.10.2010  15:53:32
	UserName :		Administrator
	Host :
	EventID :		1
	Key :		333	
	ChainId :		333
	Event Type :		PermissionAddedEvent
	Datacenter Name :	Test DataCenter
	Host in datacenter :
	ComputeResource :
	Virtual Machine Name :	test Win2008
	HostType :		VMware vCenter Server
Log Type: VMware Infrastructure Events
 Uniquely Identified By:
Log Name: VMware vCenter and ESX(i) events
Filtering Field Equals to Value
EventId 1
InsertionString4 PermissionAddedEvent
Field Matching
FieldDescriptionStored inSample Value
When At what date and time a user activity originated in the system. CreatedTime 10.10.2000 19:00:00
Who Account or user name under which the activity occured. UserName Alebovsky
What The type of activity occurred (e.g. Logon, Password Changed, etc.) "Permission change" Permission change
Where The name of the workstation/server where the activity was logged. Host in datacenter
Where From The name of the workstation/server where the activity was initiated from. -
Severity Specify the seriousness of the event. - High
WhoDomain -
WhereDomain -
Object Type The type of object whose permissions were changed (e.g. AD object, file, registry, etc.) -
Object Name The name of the object whose permissions were changed (e.g. full system path to the file or folder) -
To Whom Account whose access permissions to the object were changed -
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